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62205-A-2RSR Micronesia Bearings Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm

Place of Origin Japan Sweden Germany Italy USA France
Certification CE&ISO
Model Number 62205-A-2RSR
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price Contact with us
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time Wihtin 3-5days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 344

Product Features

62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm

•Dimensions: 25mm x 52mm x 18mMetric

•ID (inner diameter)Bore: 25m

•OD (outer diameter): 52mm

•WidthHeightthickness: 18mm

•Dynamic load rating Cr:14.9KN

•Static load rating Cor: 7.8KN

•Weightr: 0.157kg

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6828-DDUVV 6921-DDUVV 6307-DDUVV 6421-DDUVV BL307 BL421
6830-DDUVV 6922-DDUVV 6308-DDUVV 6422-DDUVV BL308 BL422
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62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm are important to the improvement and preservation of our daily living, 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm providing resources used to create electricity, roads, and communities. 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm are typically located far from where most people work, often in mountainous or arid regions, and can be found as much as 2,000 meters below ground. The equipment used is varied and can be operated continuously, 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The mining process starts with the breaking up of the rock face and continues through the processing of the minerals, utilizing such technology as cutting equipment, screening machinery, stockpiling equipment and conveying equipment.
Much like mining operations, 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm in the improvement of society. The construction industry safely and effectively makes our lives more comfortable and efficient. From skyscrapers to highways to sewers, construction machinery, such as excavators, dozers, and cranes, help to build a better future.
The operating environments for 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm in the mining and construction industries can be extremely severe. One or more of the following can arise:
・heavy loads combined with shock loads
・light loads with high speed rotation
・heavy loads with low speed rotation
Along with sustainability, productivity and reliability are necessities for success in the mining and construction fields. If any of this equipment breaks down, there can be serious implications for production.
62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm
DISTRIBUIDORES: 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm

Product Model:


Structure: Deep groove ball bearing
Inside Diameter: 25 mm
Outside Diameter: 52 mm
Thickness: 18 mm
Seals Type: openrs2rszzz
Material: Chrome steel (Gcr15)
Precision Rating: P4
Weight: 0.157 KG
Payment term: TT payment LC at sight Western Union
Delivery time: within 3-5 workdays

The quality requirements of the 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm to suppliers have been aggregated hereinafter on the basis of international quality standards.
As a company adhering to the industry’s best practices, we know and understand 62205-A-2RSR Deep Groove Ball Bearing 25×52×18mm , the competitive and driving forces of the industry and the need for enduring and changing distribution values.
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