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300RV4201 Industrial Bearings 300x420x240mm

Place of Origin Japan Sweden Germany Italy USA France
Certification CE&ISO
Model Number 300RV4201
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price Contact with us
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time Wihtin 3-5days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 76

Product Features

Basic Parameters
Bearing Number 300RV4201
Type Rolling Mill Bearing
Boundary Dimensions (mm)
d 300
D 420
B 240
Other Services
Packing Standard Export Packing
Payment Terms Can be negotiated
Payment Methods TT, Western Union, MoneyGram or Paypal
Delivery Time 3-4 days
Certificates Available
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Bearing 300RV4201, large stock for various brands. We specialize in exporting 300RV4201 to all over the world. Data sheet and certificates can be supplied. If you need Bearing 300RV4201, Group is the best choice.

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Bearing No. Size(mm) Mass
d D B (KG)
250RV3501 250 350 220 64.80
260RV3521 260 355 260 74.50
260RV3701 260 370 220 76.00
260RV3801 260 380 280 107.00
280RV3901 280 390 220 80.90
280RV3902 280 390 240 88.50
280RV4021 280 400 285 117.00
290RV3901 290 390 234 79.70
290RV4101 290 410 240 99.00
290RV4201 290 420 300 138.00
300RV4021 300 400 300 103.00
300RV4201 300 420 240 101.00
300RV4221 300 420 300 128.00
310RV4201 310 420 300 119.00
310RV4301 310 430 240 107.00
320RV4501 320 450 240 120.00

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The quality requirements of the 300RV4201 Bearing 300x420x240mm to suppliers have been aggregated hereinafter on the basis of international quality standards.
300RV4201 Bearing 300x420x240mm
DISTRIBUIDORES: 300RV4201 Bearing 300x420x240mm

Product Model:


Structure: rolling mill bearing
Inside Diameter: 300 mm
Outside Diameter: 420 mm
Thickness: 240 mm
Seals Type: Optional
Material: GCr15
Precision Rating: P0-P6
: as per customers'requirements
Weight: 101 KG
Payment term: TT, LC, WESTERN UNION
Delivery time: 3-5 days
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