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LR5306-2Z Industrial Bearings 30x80x30.2mm

Place of Origin Japan Sweden Germany Italy USA France
Certification CE&ISO
Model Number LR5306-2Z
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price Contact with us
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time Wihtin 3-5days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 183

Product Features

LR5306-2Z Track Roller Bearing

Bearing Model LR5306-2Z Track Roller Bearing
Type Track Roller Bearing
Sizes 30x80x30.2mm
d 30 mm
D 80 mm
B 30.2 mm
mass 0.67 kg
Package Carton BoxesWooden CasesPallets
Payment Methods TT,Western Union or Paypal
Delivery Time 3 days in stock,10-15 days large quantity
: manager

We specialize in exporting LR5306-2Z Track Roller Bearing for many years with rich experience and professional team.

LR5306-2Z bearing is in large stock.

We cooperate with UPS,TNT,FEDEX,EMS,DHL,etc.They guarantee to meet your needs in terms of time and money,even if you need your LR5306-2Z bearing tomorrow morning on your desk, 2, 3 days or more.Also ship worldwide.

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If you have any inquiry with LR5306-2Z bearing or other models,feel free to contact me by email or other ways.

Hope our professional team will satisfied your any order!

Welcome to LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm Services
we have been a leading distributor of LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm and power transmission products to the Houston and Southeast Texas area.
We proudly service a variety of markets, including LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm , service, energy, oils & gas, and other industrial markets.
With our leadership team’s collective LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm of experience, we can surely provide you with any of your bearing or other power transmission product needs.
Whether it is a new installation, routine service and replacement, or an emergency, our team is prepared to help you maintain optimal functionality by providing high-quality products, and quick delivery or pickup.
The competitiveness and position of LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm in the world market is decisively determined by the quality of its products. Faultless quality and reliability of the products and services purchased from suppliers have a corresponding influence on the highly technical production facilities and on the quality of products.
The quality requirements of the LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm to suppliers have been aggregated hereinafter on the basis of international quality standards.
LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm
DISTRIBUIDORES: LR5306-2Z Bearing 30x80x30.2mm

Product Model:


Structure: Track Roller
Inside Diameter: 30 mm
Outside Diameter: 80 mm
Thickness: 30.2 mm
Seals Type: Optional
Material: Chrome Steel GCr15
Precision Rating: P0-P5
Weight: 0.67 KG
Payment term: Paypal,Western Union,TT
Delivery time: within 3 working days

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